Abuja - Garki District

The Garki District is the area in the southwest corner of the city, having the Central District to the north and the Asokoro District to the east. The District is Sub-divided into units called Areas. In fact,the naming system is such that when you hear the word "Area" it refers to Garki,hence,these are designated Areas 1-11. We also have Garki II which is a different area from Garki Area 2. Most visitors may find this confusing.

At present it is the principal business district of Abuja. There are some interesting buildings, which include the General Post Office, Abuja International Conference Centre located along the busy Herbert Maculay Way, Nicon Luxary Hotel(which was originally called Abuja Sofitel Hotel,then later Le Meridian Hotel) Agura Hotel, the Old Federal Secretariat Complex(Area1), Area 2 is mainly residential, there is a zoological garden at Area2, Garki Shopping centre, several bank buildings and other commercial offices located in Area 7 and most of them along Moshood Abiola Way.

The Headquarters of the Nigerian Armed Forces namely; Army Headquarters, Airforce Headquarters and Navy Headquarters are all located in Garki District. The tallest building in this district is the Radio House, which houses the Federal Ministry of Information and Communications, and the Federal Radio Corporation of Nigeria (FRCN). The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA) Stations and Corporate Headquarters are also in Garki. The Federal Capital Development Authority (FCDA) which is directly responsible for the Administration of the Federal Capital Territory has it operational base in Garki. The Office of the Federal Minister in Charge of the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja has his office located in Area 10.

Other places of note include, the Arts and Culture Centre, The Nigerian Police Mobile Force Headquarters (Area 10). The Abuja Municipal Area Council, which is the local Government administration has its headquarters in Area 10, Garki Abuja.


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